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3 thing to think about before getting your boat engine repaired

Whether you are a summer only sailor, or you are using your boat daily on fishing excursions and taking friends and family out on trips, at some point you have to anticipate that your boat's engine may break or start to lose a little of the power that first made you buy it. Getting your boat back up to scratch can give you a new lease of life, and bring back the excitement and power. While many people will opt to get their engines fixed by the same place they bought it from, you would be wise to take some time to think the options before you give them a ring.

Boats are a big investment, and it is important that you consider the best way to get it repaired. There are lots of specialised boat mechanics who will be able to help you get the parts needed, and carry out the work to a high level. When making decisions about your engine repair, here are three key things to think about.

What is best for your budget?

No one said that having a boat would be cheap, and any boat owner will of course appreciate that there will be some cost involved in the upkeep. However, you need to balance what you can afford in the short term, with what you may lose in the long term. Any engine repair work will come with a longer term cost, as the cheaper the work the more you need to pay in the longer term. Thinking about what is best for your budget should be your primary consideration.

What is best for your boat?

This is of course a fundamental consideration. What does your boat need? A new engine completely? Repair work on the current engine? A new type of engine all together, perhaps switching from petrol to diesel? Working with an experienced boat mechanic here is key to helping you find the right solution. Think about the level of use your boat gets, and whether you want to maintain its performance, increase its performance, or even lessen its performance if you are looking to use it less.

What is best for the resale value?

Every time you repair and replace a part on the boat, you are changing the potential resale value of the boat. While you may not be looking to sell immediately, you should always consider that should you want to sell at a later date, the price you get is impacted by the decisions you make now. Typically, those looking to sell in the near future should be putting in brand new engines, to increase the appeal to buyers. However those who are looking for a longer term plan may want to simply repair now, so that they can replace just before they sell.

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