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A Comparison Between Propane and Charcoal Barbecue Boats

Do you fancy the idea of having a barbecue out at sea? Read on and discover the different ways through which marine barbecues can be powered. Use this information to select the most appropriate barbecue boat for your needs.

Charcoal Barbecues

Some grills are powered by charcoal. These grills offer several advantages. For instance, many people are of the view that meat grilled on a charcoal barbecue tastes better and has a better flavour than meat grilled using a different kind of fuel. Charcoal barbecues are also less costly to acquire. You may, therefore, find more boats equipped with this type of barbecue. Many people also derive a sense of accomplishment from performing the fire-lighting ritual before starting to cook.

However, charcoal grills have some downsides. First, they can blow smoke into the faces of your guests as you are out boating. You may, therefore, have to keep changing the direction of the boat's movement to direct that smoke away from the guests. Secondly, it is not easy to regulate the temperature given off as you cook. This increases the chance that your food will not be cooked uniformly. It is also cumbersome to clean the barbecue after you have finished cooking.

Gas Powered Barbecues

Gas powered grills are an alternative to charcoal grills in barbecue boats. You may find fewer boats with this type of grill because these grills are more expensive to buy or maintain. Gas powered grills can use either propane canisters or cylinders. Each option has its strengths and shortcomings. For example, it is easier to replace a spent canister than it is to replace a cylinder.

Little time is required to get the barbecue started if you are using a gas grill. Temperature control is also possible due to a thermostat and a valve controlling the gas being discharged. This precise control allows for the uniform cooking of food. Gas grills are also eco-friendly since they don't discharge smoke in the way that charcoal grills do. However, gas barbecues don't allow you to perform the fire-lighting ritual that is associated with outdoor cooking.

Ultimately, your choice of a grill will be guided by your specific interests. Remember to select a barbecue boat whose capacity is adequate for the number of people that you intend to sail with. Implement all the precautions suggested by the bbq boat hire company so that you avoid any fire accident while you are using that rental boat.