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A Guide on Buying Used Boats

 Buying a used boat can be a difficult task. In the excerpt below, you will learn how to choose, inspect and purchase a used boat for sale

Type of boat

Below is a short guide to help you choose an appropriate boat. 

Be cautious as some boats are made for inland water bodies while others can persevere salty conditions. 


Reputable manufacturers produce boats that last a lifetime. They help you easily access spares and mechanics qualified in repairing the boats. You will also find numerous online articles discussing the operation of such boats. 

Inspect the boat

Ensure that you physically inspect the boat before purchasing it. Below are some of the things to watch out for: 

Dents on the hull and body are a sign of accident damage. Check out for uneven body lines and distorted reflection on the boat's body. Inspect the boat's underneath for signs of rust.

Do not purchase the boat if it has water in the fuel or oil.

Worn-out seals and gaskets may cause oil leaks around the boat's engine.

The electrical components of the boat should be fully functional. All switches should work. Frayed wires could electrocute passengers or even cause a fire on the boat.

The boat's upholstery should be in an acceptable condition. 


Most boats are priced according to their model, year of manufacture and condition. Conduct research on the pricing of your chosen make and model. Do not disregard a seller who prices his or her boat above the market price. Negotiate by pitting him or her against other sellers. In Australia, autumn and winter are the best seasons to buy a boat. During these periods, people sell their boats to buy new models. Some people may also be in a hurry to sell off their boats since they do not have storage space for winter. 

After-sales support services

The seller or dealer should provide you with guarantees on the boat you purchase. Most reputable dealers will offer after-sales support such as boat repair and maintenance.

When buying a used boat, determine the type of boat, inspect the boat, negotiate the price and ask for guarantees and warranties.